Temporary Theatre

Until recently, temporary theatres were built from weather and temperature sensitive tents. These constructions could neither satisfy the professional needs of theatre or opera ensembles nor meet the expectations of the audience.

For the duration of the season 2006/2007, we, as the first prime contractor, have constructed a temporary theatre made of steel and wood in Düsseldorf, right in front of the Landtag, assigned by the Deutsche Oper. The Elizabethan theatre accommodated 800 spectators and of course the orchestra and the actors on stage. More information on this special project can be found under the topic “Presse” – “ROM RheinOperMobil”.

You are planning a modernisation or renovation of your theatre and would like to continue your representations and keep your subscribers? Contact us – we are happy to help and to elaborate a custom-fit concept. Regardless if you need accommodation for 800 or 2000 spectators, if you prefer a hexadecagon or rectangle design or if you are looking for a single-storey or two-storey construction. Your requirements fire our imagination.

We make your dream come true.


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